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Ashleen Samuels Support Campaign

Dear Friends:

I would like to introduce you to Ashleen M Samuels. Ashleen is 9 years old and currently in Grade 4 Primary school. When she grows up she plans to be a professional Violinist and open up her own Beauty Salon, and right now her favourite thing in the world is school, music, painting and reading. Her role model and inspiration is Nelson Mandela and calls him her grandfather.

Charity Work

However despite being a bright young girl, she suffers from chronic and acute asthma for which she has been admitted to hospital several times over the past year.

Growing up in the in an informal structure in the Symphony Way Temporary Relocation Area in Delft also known as Blikkiesdorp labelled by Local and International Media as a 'Concentration Camp' for the poor, the cold, dust and general poor living condition's have played havoc with her condition leading to her multiple medical admissions. Her doctors seriously recommended that she move from away from Blikkiesdorp. However, her parents, Bernadette De Kock and Ashley Samuels, have been waiting for a house since 2004; and have nowhere else to go. With this in mind, her parents have entrusted Ashleen to myself Lee Warren and my partner Pierre Dohrmann and have placed her in our care.

Charity Work

Pierre and I live in Houtbay - we are the founders of a Public Benefit Trust called Global Care and active Philantrophists as well as business people, we too have a newly born daughter of her own Cara Lee and we have taken Ashleen has been living with us in our home in Hout Bay since 3rd July 2014. Having known Bernadette and Ashley - ( AShleens parents) for 4 years the choice to move her out of her environment is a general agreement in the best interest for Ashleen and out of deep concern and love for their daughter. The chore focus is to assist Ashleen with getting her Medical condition under control and providing all she needs in order for her to achieve her true potential in life.

Ashleen is an incredible child and we feel honoured to be playing a role in her advancement and to be assisting her family in their time of need.

We do however have some financial needs to support Ashleen each month which is outlined below and hoping you could either network her plight out or support us in any way you deem fit to ensure this young angel child thrives in life and fulfils her wishes and dreams.

Monthly costs for Ashleen thus far:

  • School fees: R1400 per month - this is an estimated amount.(
  • Medical doctors and medication per month: R1600 per month.
  • Clothes, Food, school supplies and unforeseen costs: R1200 per month.
  • Professional Counselling Services and extra mural activity classes or courses: R800 per month.
  • Family Respite bi- weekly visits includes Food, Transport and accommodation: R1400 per month.
  • Monthly projected costs: R6400
  • Yearly Projected costs: R76 800

Plan going forward for Ashleen Samuels:

  • We will be enrolling AShleen into a Hout Bay Primary School- she is currently in Grade 4.
  • We will be attending to her medical needs and ensure she get's the much needed treatment and medication to get her condition under control.
  • AShleen will be attending weekly counselling sessions with a professional therapist.
  • She has already started Music Violin lessons and is currently enjoying it very much.
  • She will be needing to attend swimming lessons as well in the Summer.
  • Her eating plan of NO dairy and Gluten Free foods has already been implemented as it is important that her daily dietary consumption is healthy and we are avoiding foods that contribute towards her condition.

All monies raised will be going towards securing a safe future for her and to attend to her needs going further.

For more information and to find out how you can help contact: